• Medicaid Attorney

    Choosing the right person to help you as your Medicaid Attorney is an important step in navigating the complex issues related to healthcare as you or your family members age. Here are some reasons you might consider hiring legal counsel to help you manage your Medicaid options:
    • As your attorney, it is our job and duty to advise you of your rights - something medical facilities, hospitals, and nursing homes are not obligated to do.
    • Become informed about Spousal Rights, Asset Protection, Accurate Application Submission, Consequences of Prior Actions, Penalty Periods.
    • An experienced Elder Law Medicaid Attorney can inform you of the benefits available, the process for obtaining the benefits you need, the provisions of the law that might enable your family to protect assets, and the rights that certain family members of the applicant may have.
    In addition to being outstanding Medicaid Attorneys, our firm specializes in other practice areas such as estate planning, guardianship, wills, trusts, special needs trusts, and VA benefits. To find out more about our Medicaid Attorney services, contact us today.

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